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Our Founder


Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an author, composer, international speaker, producer of sacred music and dedicated teacher.  In his work, Dr. Levry pursues his vision of providing humanity with tools for a healthy lifestyle, peace and happiness.  His student base includes people from all backgrounds, age groups and spiritual orientations.  The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce commended Dr. Levry as a “Global Visionary” and “Local Leader” for both his international and local contributions to community.

Dr. Levry has personally consulted with more than 90,000 people, traveling extensively around the world for more than three decades. In addition to leading corporate lectures, retreats and consultations, he also serves local and international students. His efforts are inspiring new generations of Naam Yogis to share within their communities the knowledge which has transformed their own lives, resulting in the creation of over 10 Naam Yoga centers worldwide.

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