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This album was born out of the desire to give Naam Yoga Students and practitioners a simple, easy approach to practice the 12 Kabbalistic Seed Sounds for the many health benefits that can be gained.  Each seed sound is recorded 3x, 7x, or 11x so that they can be easily added to a home practice, or to a class.  The seed sounds are recorded on the specific tones associated with that sound, to receive maximum benefit, regardless of if the person practitioner knows anything about the science of seed sounds.  You will notice that there is quite a bit of time between each repetition.  This is so that there is ample to inhale deeply, hold the breath, and give the full value of the sound in a single long breath.  If it is not easy to do in the beginning, you can practice until you get there. 

12 Kabbalistic Seed Sounds CD by Chris Merrill

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