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Naam Yoga® is a dynamic fusion of Universal Kabbalah, Eastern yogic wisdom, and Western scientific and esoteric knowledge. It incorporates the practice of the Divine Word (Naam) with yogic movement, stretching postures, breathing, mudra and meditation. Through the practice of Naam Yoga the self-healing mechanisms of the body are activated, restoring health and balance. The unique goal of this manual is to highlight the powerful science of Naam Yoga as taught by Joseph Michael Levry, Master of Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga, in the Wednesday Night Master Classes held each week at Universal Force Healing Center in New York City. The kriyas (yogic sequences of specific exercises and meditations) in this manual are one of the specialized healing tools of Naam Yoga and are an integral element of every complete Naam Yoga class. The lectures highlight the ancient, transformative wisdom of Universal Kabbalah, the seedbed from which Naam Yoga derives its power. As insightful as it is practical, this spiral bound manual is packed with over one hundred pages of Naam Yoga exercises, breathing techniques, mudras and meditations, making it an invaluable resource for years to come.



The Science of Sound and Light Volume III

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