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Our Mission

Our mission is to create global peace and unity. We seek to achieve individual and collective well-being, prosperity and self-healing through a practical, holistic lifestyle taught by Naam Yoga leading to inner peace and then global peace.  To that purpose we function as an institute of higher learning offering professional courses in Naam, Movement, Meditation and Divine Spiritual Wisdom based upon the teachings of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and seek to preserve the legacy of the full Metaphysical Wisdom and Sacred Technology taught by Dr Joseph Michael Levry for future generations.  We strive to make our educational offerings accessible to all by offering them through various media.

Our Vision

We envision a world of peaceful collaboration and harmony between all living beings where global peace and Individual liberation are attained through the healing power of Naam.

Core Values

  • Unconditional Love: It is our understanding that unconditional love forms the basis for peace because it creates tolerance.  Without tolerance between people, communities, or nations, there can be no peace.

  • Devotion and Reverence: Devotion and Reverence are necessary for the spiritual unfoldment of the soul, and combined  with unconditional love are crucial to an effective spiritual practice which is necessary for spiritual growth leading to individual liberation.  

  • Liberty and Wellbeing: We consider the essential liberty and wellbeing of all humanity and living beings to be of the utmost importance.

  • Spiritual Integrity: Spiritual integrity is based upon a platform of freedom, independence, honesty and excellence, which we strive to maintain in all interactions.

  • Spiritual  Values:   We believe in the following spiritual values which are also necessary for authentic spiritual growth:  love for all beings, loyalty, commitment, perseverance, effective and constructive communication, self-responsibility, positive thinking, love, faith and hope.

  • Self Observation:  Right Thinking, Feeling, Acting, Speaking and Attitude -These actions form the totality of who we are and how we go through our daily life.  Refinement of these 5 aspects of "being" through self-observation are the basis for the development of the other values listed above.  

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