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Breathe for Health contains many secrets for true healing and lasting peace of mind. Your mind is there to serve you, but first it must be tamed and trained. This initial book in The Naam Shakti Breath Series will help you do just that.


According to Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam), the founder of Naam Yoga, the mind is the king of the body, the breath is the king of the mind, the nervous system is the king of the breath, and the astral light is the king of the nervous system.


These Naam Shakti breathing techniques will untie the astral knots binding you to patterns of negative thinking and feeling. As you practice, turn your mind to thoughts of Love, Peace and Health. Feel yourself being renewed, revitalized and nourished by the healing prana (life force). You should make it your highest priority to speak words of encouragement and positivity, that the Breath of Life, on which your words are based, may exalt you.


In this manual you will find: 

  • Yogic Sets to rejuvenate your physical body and clean the entire energetic system
  • Powerful mudras with specific healing applications for the following: 
    • To release stored negative emotions
    • For a strong immune system
    • For a healthy thyroid
    • For the brain and spiritual growth
    • For protection
    • For a bright aura
    • and much, much more!

Meditations that will heal your subconscious patterns, free you from negative habits, and support you in being your best self.


Breathe for Health

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